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Season 1

When Alex, was driving 90 on a 40 road, an unknown officer pulled him over, he approached the car and talked to Alex. He was then revealed to be Alex's father, when in conversation Alex calls him "Dad". Deputy Standall. He let Alex off the hook with a warning.[1]

Later in the season, just before Alex got taken away by an ambulance with a gunshot wound to his head, he was in Alex's room and complimented him on how clean his room was.[2]

Season 2

In "The First Polaroid", he checked on Alex in his bedroom, and tried to delay Alex's return to school as his mother wasn't happy about him returning so soon. Alex made him understand why he wants to return so soon and he told Alex that he will tell his mother.

In "The Second Polaroid", he lectured Alex about skipping school (with Jessica to the beach), his wife, Carolyn, asked him to be less harsh on Alex. However Bill explained that he is being harsh on him to get better. It was also revealed, in the same scene, that Alex shot himself with his fathers gun, leading to Bill blaming himself. In "The Third Polaroid", Bill celebrated Alex's birthday with Clay, Jess, Zach and his family, which later, got heated.

In "The Little Girl", Bill came to Alex's room to tell him to leave the door open. Alex apologized to him for what happened at the birthday party. Bill apologized to Alex because he thinks he's been pushing Alex too hard. Alex asked him if he can play a shooter game again to bring back more of his memory, but Bill was unsure about it.

In "The Box of Polaroids", Bill listened to Justin's testimony about Jessica's rape and arrested Bryce. In "Bye", Bill interviewed Monty about threatening everyone, including his Son.

Season 3

In the third season, Bill is seen taking Clay to the police station in the middle of a school day. Bill asked Clay about Bryce and revealed that Bryce is missing; he hasn’t been seen since the homecoming game.[3]

After Bryce’s body was found, the sheriff’s department started to investigate Bryce’s murder. They found steroids in Bryce’s car and started to go through Liberty High’s students lockers. Bill is seen going through the football team’s bags and Clay’s locker.[4]

Bill questioned Tony about how well he knew Bryce. Tony said he really didn’t. When he asked Tony if he’s sad, as today is Bryce’s funeral, Tony says that he’s suffered far worse than Bryce’s death.

Bill went through the Walker’s mansion camera footage provided by Barry Walker and found footage of Clay pointing a gun at Bryce. He showed this to Sheriff Diaz.[5]

Bill entered the City Gym when Alex was aggressively training. He told Alex to stop and started holding him until he calmed down.

Bill went through Alex’ room and found supplies for steroids. He asked his wife Carolyn if they were from the hospital, but Carolyn told him that they were a consumer brand. Carolyn asked what was going on, but Bill told her that it’s all going to be fine.[6]

Bill went to Nora’s yoga centre to ask her questions about Clay. Nora confirmed to him that Clay didn’t buy steroids from Bryce and they never hung out. When asked who Bryce did hang out with, Nora told him that he and Alex seemed close for a while.

Bill questioned Clay, who was just arrested, about the steroids that were found in his room. Clay told him he was holding them for a friend.

Zach confessed to Bill about he did to Bryce, believing Bryce died after Zach had beaten him up and left. Bill brought in Sheriff Diaz and revealed to Zach that what he did was no more than assault and battery. Bryce had water in his lungs, which means he died by drowning.[7]

Bill asked a colleague what footprints were found on the scene. There were footprints from someone who was dragging his right foot, Zach Dempsey. Bill asked about another footprint and thought it showed a left foot being dragged. He also asked about tire tracks on the scene.

Ani was brought in and told Bill about everything that had happened the past eight months. Eventually she revealed how Bryce was murdered, except that she told him that Monty killed Bryce when, in reality, it was Alex who killed him. Bill stopped the recording and told Ani that he had footprints and tire tracks of his wife’s car. Ani told him “he” wouldn’t have gone to the pier alone. Bill mentioned that it’d be a terrible thing to blame the wrong person and told Ani that Monty was dead. Ani told him to “let the dead bury the dead”.

Bill entered Alex’s room and told him that Bryce’s case was closed. He then told Alex that when he found him after his suicide attempt, he wished the bullet was in his own head instead. They exchanged “I love you’s” and hugged. Bill then burned the clothes that Alex wore on the night of Bryce’s murder, as he had realized that Alex had killed Bryce.[8]

Season 4

At the Sheriff’s station, Sheriff Diaz and Deputy Standall call in Tyler to ask about the guns that were found in the river. Later, Alex questions his dad about the news of Tyler. Deputy Standall tells him to not worry about it.[9]

After Tyler leaves class to see Dr. Singh, Tony follows him but is stopped by Deputy Standall. He asks Tony if he needs something and reveals that Tyler is with Principal Bolan and he'll be in there too, making Tony realize Tyler lied to him.

During the Love is Love dance, Tyler gets called and leaves the dance. Tony follows him outside to see him get in Deputy Standall’s car and they drive off.[10]

Deputy Standall, together with Mrs. Jensen, joins the senior students' camping trip as a chaperone. They organize a treasure hunt and ask the students questions around the campfire.

At camp, Alex tells Deputy Standall he almost drowned and felt like he was being pulled down. He feels guilty about letting Bryce drown after that horrible experience and wants to confess to the police about it, but not involving the rest. His dad quickly shuts that down and tells him they all backed him up because he deserves a chance to live. He then comforts him before a scream is heard through the camp.[11]

Sheriff Diaz asks Deputy Standall about why he there isn’t a recording of Ani’s statement about Bryce’s murder, which Alex overhears.

At school, Deputy Standall informs Justin that his mother passed away, presumably from an overdose. He offers to drive Justin home, but Justin refuses his offer.[12]

After Clay and Tony interrupt a gun deal between Tyler and a dealer, Deputy Standall and Sheriff Diaz explain to Tony and Clay why Tyler was buying illegal guns; he was their informant. In exchange for dropping his charges against his bag of guns, they offered him a job of being a police informant. It was initially Deputy Standall's idea and he believes the community are safer now with Tyler's sacrifice.[13]

When Alex comes out to his family by revealing that he's dating Charlie, Deputy Standall is accepting. Later, he attends Liberty High's Senior Prom as a chaperone.[14]

After Justin's death, Deputy Standall attends his funeral. He helps Alex get back to his seat when he gets a panic attack while giving a speech.

At the sheriff’s station, Sheriff Diaz tells Deputy Standall that Bryce’s case is officially closed and that family is the most important thing. This implies that he found out that Bryce’s killer is Deputy Standall’s son, Alex.

At the end of the season, Deputy Standall attends Alex' graduation with Charlie and his family.[15]

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